The following are the process involved in the admission

  1. Once ALLTERE receive student’ completed application form with check list cover letter, ALLTERE staff will contact the agent with questions, comments and details.
  2. ALLTERE submit student’ completed application form along with required documents to the Admission Committee for International Students of the University.
  3. The University will contact ALLTERE and inform ALLTERE of the instruction either to accept the application or reject it.
  4. If the University instructs ALLTERE to proceed with the admission of the student, ALLTERE will inform agent accordingly.
  5. ALLTERE will do all the formalities and send the Acceptance Notice letter to the student through agent. Student has to pay first year tuition fee and the administration and processing fees (depend on the University).
  6. Agent shall send a remittance record from student to ALLTERE to co-ordinate with the Ministry of Education in China for issuance JW202 form that is required by the Chinese Embassy in your country to issue student visa for the student.
  7. Once the JW202 form is obtained from the Ministry of Education in China, it will be forwarded to agent.
  8. Then student applies for the student visa at the nearest China Embassy in your country.
  9. Prior to depart from your country, student is required to participate in Pre-departure Orientation organized by either ALLTERE or agent to receive important information before traveling to China.
  10. Agent has to send the completed Airport Pick-up information form to ALLTERE to arrange Airport Pick-up service upon the student’s arrival.
  11. Once the student visa is granted, agent shall inform ALLTERE.
  12. Student will be met at the airport/ bus stand/ railway station closest to the University by either ALLTERE staff or University’s staff and will be accompanied to the University’s dormitory.
  13. If student has problem, ALLTERE staff are available 24 hours to help the student.



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